Praise for Herrera Construction

Fidencio Herrera of Herrera Construction Inc. delivers the work as contracted for with the utmost of quality. Going into our remodeling and addition project, there was a high degree of unknown and uncertainty. Mr. Herrera showed the maturity and experience that I needed on this project and helped remediate all of the surprises that the County Building Department threw at us once the old existing walls were torn away and the issues the County required of us to bring the remodel up to code were visible. At the same time he was able to hold the remediating costs down. He was sensitive to the neighbors’ concerns during the construction and his experience comes in handy when dealing with the various departments.

If you are looking for maturity and experience, I cannot recommend a better firm than Herrera Construction Inc. Fidencio Herrera may not be the lowest bid, but the quality of his work is superb and his workmanship is second to none and he stands behind it.

Mr. Shih Kuo

Fidencio: The work you did for us is outstanding and draws many positive comments. In looking back, your ability to work with us in a professional and cost effective manner on a project that continuously evolved from a rather modest remodel to a fairly extensive makeover was truly amazing. Your ability to schedule and juggle the various specialty subcontractors that the evolution of our job required made the project seem a lot easier than I know it really was. In the end, your professional approach, patience and willingness to work through all sorts of challenges helped make our home the beautiful and comfortable place that it is today.

Jo Ann and I wish you continued success in your business and hope to see you again when you are in the neighborhood.

Thanks again
Mr. Gene Thorsett

Fidencio Herrera provided General Contracting services on a major home remodeling project for us in San Carlos. As a working GC, he was here for much of the demolition, foundation form/pour, and framing, which helped keep things moving along well.

We chose Fidencio because of his excellent references, fair pricing, and honest work. His subcontractors were all very easy to work with and we really appreciated his flexibility during the project. As with any project, situations came up that were not in the original scope of work, and we were able to mutually determine the best way to proceed, and he never forced us into any uncomfortable circumstances. In fact, more than once Fidencio made a recommendation that improved upon the original design and in ways to save on cost that were as good or better as originally specified. For example, the skylight design in our great room was Fidencio's idea, and it is one of the most complemented features of our remodel.

We've been in our house since the remodel and are very happy with the overall condition of our "new" house. On a few occasions Fidencio has returned to provide services at no charge to correct minor imperfections in finish, which we found to be extremely kind. He stands behind his work.

Thanks Fidencio
Rob & Diana

Our dealings with Herrera Construction Inc., were very satisfactory. The quality of the work performed, their attention to detail and the ideas that they contributed to our original drawings and plans were excellent. The project was on schedule with no major delays and the timeliness of their work did not create any inconvenience. Except for changes requested by us to the original plans, they stayed on budget with no major additional costs incurred. In summary, I was very satisfied with the work performed and would highly recommend them to my friends and neighbors.

Thank You
Joe and Collette Vaez